SQL Server 2008 Express Silent Command-Line Install

I have a need to perform a silent, command-line install of SQL Server 2008 Express as a pre-requisite for a server application. While there’s an extensive listing of all the many options available for a command-line install of SQL Server, it still took me a while to sift through what was really needed for aRead more

URL Regular Expression Validation

I was adding some feeds to my blogroll recently, not really thinking about what I was doing, until I went to my blog’s home page and got this: Luckily I was doing periodic refreshes, just to see how the list was coming along, so it was easy to identify the culprit: feed://http//underground.infovark.com/feed/ Look a littleRead more

Quick Tip: Make Windows Vista Remember Window Size and Position

One of the most annoying things I’m constantly hitting in Microsoft Vista is when I open a window the last size and position of that window is not preserved. I run into this all the time with Explorer. Fortunately, there is a solution. When closing the window, hold down the Ctrl key. This will saveRead more

How slow is .NET Reflection?

I’ve run into a situation where I’d like to use a small bit of Reflection. While this particular use that I have in mind is pretty simple, the method to which I will be adding the Reflection can potentially be called tens of thousands of times per day (if not more), so it has toRead more

Coding Standards & Conventions

This is my attempt to list those resources having to do with coding standards that I’ve found useful. If you have your own favorites, let me know and I’ll add them or just link them in the comments. Here’s the list. .NET/C# MSDN: Design Guidelines for Class Library Developers Brad Abrams’ Framework Design Guidelines .NETRead more

How to build a JavaScript to Silverlight Bridge

Recently, I noticed a problem with my other blog where the live comment preview was not working. Chances are it broke when I upgraded BlogEngine.NET. I played around with the AJAX/JavaScript a bit, couldn’t get it to work, then had a thought: why not implement the same functionality in Silverlight? The basic idea is toRead more

Setting up a Continuous Integration System, Part 9: Conclusion

Setting up and maintaining—not to mention blogging about—a CI environment is a lot of work. It takes time, persistence, and a bit of dedication. Hopefully this series will give you a head start or at least a place to get more information on setting up a new CI environment or maintaining or even improving anRead more

Interface vs. Virtual vs. Abstract

Sometimes I like to take a step back and look a little harder at something I use almost every day without ever really thinking about it. Take virtual functions, for example, which I was using in C++ long before C# came into existence. C# (and Java) introduced some new keywords to the (somewhat confusing) mix,Read more

A Silverlight TagCloud, Part 2.1: Refinements

Maybe this post should be “Part 3”, but I think of it as more of an incremental increase over Part 2 of this series, so we’ll leave it at 2.1. In any case, this is the third post in a series about a Silverlight TagCloud control I wrote that began with a discussion of theRead more

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