A Silverlight TagCloud, Part 2.1: Refinements

Maybe this post should be “Part 3”, but I think of it as more of an incremental increase over Part 2 of this series, so we’ll leave it at 2.1. In any case, this is the third post in a series about a Silverlight TagCloud control I wrote that began with a discussion of theRead more

C# Code Analysis with StyleCop for ReSharper

I’m always looking for new tools to add to my developer’s toolbox. One such tool I recently came across is StyleCop for ReSharper. StyleCop for ReSharper is a ReSharper add-on that enables real-time syntax highlighting of StyleCop rules. Normally, you run StyleCop by selecting “Run StyleCop” from the Tools menu: The StyleCop for ReSharper takesRead more

Getting Started with Android Development

I’ve taken the plunge into Android development. Coming from the .NET world and having programmed Java a very long time ago (back in 1995, which as I recall was right about when the language first came out), I was anxious—and a bit apprehensive—about where Java stood as well as how far the tools had progressedRead more

Silverlight TagCloud Now on CodePlex

The complete Silverlight TagCloud series of posts: A Silverlight TagCloud, Part 1: The WCF Service A Silverlight TagCloud, Part 2: The TagCloud A Silverlight TagCloud, Part 2.1: Refinements Silverlight TagCloud Now on CodePlex The Silverlight TagCloud control, like my Live Comment Preview control, now has its very own project page on CodePlex:   I’ll continueRead more

Silverlight class library not included in .XAP

This is something I’m sure I ran into before, but it still bit me the other day. Hopefully by writing this down here it won’t get me again. The problem is this: A Silverlight class library whose name ends with “.Resources” is not included in the Silverlight .XAP file. “.Resources” is a reserved naming conventionRead more

The IIS SEO Toolkit

Scott Guthrie recently gave a shout-out to the IIS SEO Toolkit on his blog. I don’t know about you, but something about SEO always brings up thoughts of greasy salesmen and used cars. Best purge those preconceptions from your mind, though, cause SEO is important. Even excepting SEO, the SEO Toolkit is a great wayRead more

Installing a WCF Service on a Shared Hosting Site, Revisited

I wrote a post not too long ago discussing How to Install a WCF Service on a GoDaddy hosted site. In it, I presented a couple of different ways to get around the “This collection already contains an address with scheme http” error, which looks like: While those methods do work, I found myself inRead more

A Silverlight 2 to Silverlight 3 Upgrade Checklist

I have to admit: I’ve been largely ignoring most of the Silverlight 3 blog posts and other information because, in many ways, I’m still getting comfortable with Silverlight 2. Also, getting on the beta merry-go-round one too many times can set one’s head spinning something awful. So I figured I’d just avoid this one altogether.Read more

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