Silverlight Unit Testing

Unit testing is important, even for Silverlight applications. At my job, I insist that every application contain at least some unit testing (that doesn’t mean that every application does, but I’ll keep insisting), and that we maintain a minimum of 40% code coverage. Normally, I implement unit testing with NUnit. But NUnit doesn’t work withRead more

My Developer’s Toolbox

All software developers have a myriad of tools they use to help them design, test, and develop code and applications. This is mine. It is by no means comprehensive; I learned long ago there are too many technologies and tools out there for any one person to use or experience. The tools you’ll find belowRead more

Visual Studio 2008 Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts 1. Ctrl-L to Cut Line to Clipboard It’s not necessary to highlight an entire line and then hit the delete key. Just hit “Ctrl-L” and the line the cursor is currently on will be removed and copied to the clipboard. “Ctrl-x” performs the same operation by default.   2. Shift-F5 to Stop DebuggingRead more

The different ways to host a WCF Service Application in a Web App

There are at least three different ways to configure the hosting of a WCF Service Application inside a Web Application. They are: Add a WCF Service directly via “Add New Item…” By copying files, including the service implementation code-behind file By copying files, including the compiled, service implementation DLL In this post, I’m going toRead more

Silverlight to WCF Cross Domain SecurityException

In debugging a fairly simple Silverlight control that calls into a WCF service I ran into an often encountered security exception having to do with cross-domain policy. Silverlight generally does not allow cross domain access unless that access is explicitly granted via a clientaccesspolicy.xml file. Given that I had to read through several sources (seeRead more

Combine Setup MSI and EXE into a single package with IExpress

IExpress is a little known utility that will combine any number of files into a single, self-extracting executable similar to a WinZip self-extracting executable except IExpress comes standard with XP, Vista, and Windows 7 and is therefore free. A tool like this one is especially handy as a standard Visual Studio setup project will produce twoRead more

Adding ELMAH to your ASP.NET Web Site

There’s already a lot of posts out there on how to set up ELMAH (see References below). Still, as I went through the process of adding ELMAH to my own site, I found myself pulling information from multiple posts and even ran into a couple of surprises during deployment. So, in an effort to consolidateRead more

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